June 27 Is National Sunglasses Day!

At the end of June, the importance of sunglasses will be recognized. June 27th is National Sunglasses Day, making now the perfect time to get yourself a new pair! However, there is much more to sunglasses than looking trendy during the summer months. The original intent is to protect your eyes so your vision remains clear. This is thanks to the design of sunglasses, crafted to keep the ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging our eyes.

How Sunglasses Protect the Eyes Against UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays, commonly known as UV rays, are emitted from the Sun. While the atmosphere blocks the majority of the rays from reaching the planet, enough passes through to do harm in various ways, including to our vision. The light from UV sources has been shown through studies to age the entire eye, from the inner sections of the eye to the tissue that protects the outside of it. When this part of the body is overexposed to UV light, it can lead to ailments such as corneal damage and macular degeneration as someone ages.

UV light can also weaken the skin that comprises your eyelids. Because this area is the thinnest skin on a person, this leads to bags under the eyes, dark circles, and premature aging throughout the face. UV light can also be detrimental to those recovering from eye surgery, due to increased swelling and bruising from heat. These situations can be easily prevented by sunglasses.

Another benefit to sunglasses is the protection they give to a child’s eyes. Since the lens within the eye is clearer when young, this puts it at risk of taking in more UV light than adults can be exposed to. Sunglasses can also block blue light emitted from digital devices. These lenses are crafted differently from those that block only UV rays, commonly carrying a yellow tint when blocking the most light.

Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

There is no wrong way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day; it can be as simple as dressing up in front of the mirror and sporting your favorite pair. You can also head into the great outdoors, wearing your shades during a hiking trip, a barbeque with family and friends, or even a relaxing day at the park. When enjoying your time outdoors, make sure to have sunglasses on hand (or over your eyes) at all times). You could also pay it forward by purchasing a pair of sunglasses for someone important to you, whether they already have a pair of their own or this would be their first. These are all amazing ways to show that you appreciate what sunglasses do to protect your eyesight.

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