When you look in the mirror, are you beginning to notice lines and wrinkles in your upper face that make you look or feel older than you are? If so, you may be able to benefit from Botox injections! Botox is the most popular single cosmetic procedure in the U.S. to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face for a rejuvenated appearance! We offer Botox injections at our office to help you meet your individual aesthetic goals.

What is BOTOX?

Botox is an injectable treatment made up of botulinum toxin type A, an injectable neurotoxin. Every day we make many different facial expressions, which cause our facial muscles to contract and relax. Over time, these repeated muscle movements can lead to lines and wrinkles, also called dynamic wrinkles. Botox works by relaxing those muscles, softening the appearance of the lines and wrinkles.

The areas most commonly treated with Botox include:

·        Forehead creases.

·        Glabellar likes (frown lines between the brows).

·        Crow’s feet.

·        The corners of the mouth.

·        A “cobblestoned” appearance on the chin.

BOTOX Treatment

Prior to treatment, the targeted area will be cleaned. However, most patients do not require numbing as the treatment is not very deep. A small, thin syringe will be used to inject the Botox into the muscle at strategic points.  Most people describe the injections as a pinching feeling.

Following treatment, patients can feel free to return to their normal activities, though you may be asked to refrain from exercise for the remainder of the day. Swelling, redness, and bruising may temporarily occur at the treatment sites, and some people may experience a headache for a couple of days. Results are usually seen between 3-7 days after treatment and can last from 3-6 months. Repeat treatments are required to maintain results.

Candidates for BOTOX

If you are unhappy with lines and wrinkles on your face due to facial movements, you may be a good candidate for Botox. Those in good health with a positive attitude are often the happiest with their results. Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not receive Botox treatments. The best way to determine if this treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation appointment at our office.

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