At Eye Care Physicians of New Jersey, our team is prepared to treat a range of eye conditions. Whether you have common, everyday problems with your vision or more severe diseases or injuries, we can offer effective treatment options to restore your health, improve your vision, and offer the best possible outcome. 


Known by eye care professionals as myopia, nearsightedness results in the ability to see close objects clearly while things farther away remain blurry. This can commonly be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or laser procedures to restore clear vision following a diagnostic test and receiving a prescription. 


Astigmatism causes blurry vision due to an abnormal shape of the eye. Patients with astigmatism will commonly have poor vision in middle and far distance due to mismatched curvature between the eye’s cornea or lens. This can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. 

Dry Eye

Patients with chronic dry eye suffer pain, itchiness, redness, and discomfort due to inadequate tear production. Several treatment options are available to help these patients find relief. 


Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve due to increased pressure within the eye. Through treatment, this pressure can be reduced to preserve vision and health. 

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration causes vision loss in the center of the field of vision due to deterioration of the retina. An eye care professional can help best preserve your health and vision through various treatment options. 

Detached or Torn Retina 

A detached or torn retina is an injury which typically represents a medical emergency. After seeking urgent care, an eye care specialist can help save your vision and eye health. 

Diabetic Retinopathy

Patients with diabetes face numerous health complications, including damage to the eyes known as diabetic retinopathy. This occurs when the blood vessels at the back of the eye become damaged due to poorly controlled blood sugar.


Inflammation of the uvea, or the middle layer of the eye, is known as uveitis. This commonly causes redness, pain, light sensitivity, and blurred vision or dark spots and may be caused by infection or other complications.

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