August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

August is the height of summer, marking the start of school for kids across the region. Parents should also remember to check their children’s eyes while shopping back-to-school sales for backpacks, clothes, and shoes. Read this blog to learn more about the importance of eye exams.

What Doctor is Right for You?

There are two main types of eye doctors that may be beneficial to you child’s health, including the following:


Your child may be struggling to see the whiteboard at school. Maybe they can’t see their flashcards for their spelling test. More critically, they may struggle to read the print of their books. If they are, get them to an optometrist for an eye exam.

Optometrists are doctors who specialize in examining eyes, diagnosing conditions, and treating patients’ eyes. They do this by a comprehensive exam that can include far vision eyesight chart reading, near vision eyesight chart reading, and pupil dilation for the back of eye exams. They typically work with a team of opticians who fit your child with eyeglasses or contacts. But what happens if treatment is needed for an eye condition?


Ophthalmologists are doctors who treat optic issues, such as loss of sight, strabismus (cross-eyes), colobomas, and injuries to the eye. They treat the entire eye structure, from the lens to the optic nerve.

The Impact of Screens on Developing Eyes

In today’s world, your child is often exposed to screens all day, every day. Many schools use televisions in the classroom, textbooks are provided through tablet devices, homework is done on computers, and many kids are owners of cell phones. Although this screen time is helping your child advance their education, it can also be harmful to their eyes.

Be sure to remind your children to avoid prolonged screen viewing. A good rule of thumb is to look away at something in the distance for 30 seconds every 20 minutes. This will allow your eyes to refocus, relax, and help prevent injury and fatigue.

The Effects on Education

Developing children depend on their vision for learning. From reading books, navigating research articles, and working on hand-eye coordination, kids are constantly using their vision.

Visually impaired students must work harder to maintain grade-level proficiencies than their peers. A wrong eyeglass prescription, lack of eyeglasses, and even misaligned glasses can cause kids to struggle in school. Help your student get a leg up in school with an updated eyeglass prescription.

Keeping Your Child’s Vision Safe

When working on crafts that include sharp tools like scissors or adhesives like glue, it is a good practice to have your child wear eye protection. This will avoid accidental injuries while completing homework and projects. In addition, blunt-tip scissors and washable adhesives are available. Preventing harm to the developing eye is essential.

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