What Causes Frequent Changes in Eyeglass Prescriptions?

Many individuals happen to experience frequent changes in their vision which spearheads the continuous adjustments to the lenses they use. But what causes these changes? There are a variety of reasons that sight might deteriorate eyesight, and understanding them is important to seeking quality vision solutions.


When eye prescription changes rapidly, this should not be an issue that makes you worried. Continuous changes in the prescription are attributable to the changes in age. Studies suggest that once a person reaches age 40, they might find themselves requiring more light than usual to undertake different activities. Further, sight can start to appear more blurry due to the stiffening of the eye lenses which hinders proper refraction of light–this condition is known as presbyopia. Hence, this requires one to get stronger prescription lenses.

Diseases of the Eye

The presence of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) might affect a person’s vision. The conditions tend to contribute to blindness over time and may require frequent changes in the eyeglass’s prescription.

The presence of the diseases plays a major part in affecting the vision of an individual. In most cases, medication is used to facilitate one’s vision, and frequent changes in the eyeglass prescription are usually advised.

Eye Strain

In the digital age, many people are spending long hours in front of mobile and TV screens. The prolonged exposure to such devices leads to eye strain which can be noted through headaches, blurry vision, and developing difficulty in focusing. Continued activity, leads to changes in vision which may ultimately necessitate the consideration of a new eyeglass prescription.

Lifestyle Changes

Components such as diet, exercise, and the health situation of an individual play a part in the frequent changes in the prescriptions. Poor nutrition and inadequacy in undertaking regular exercise are aspects that affect the welfare of the body. Further, unhealthy habits such as smoking tend to affect the health status of the eye and affect the overall vision.

The lifestyle of an individual can dictate the shift in the prescriptions, so it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that ensures that the body can safeguard itself from the different issues that might affect the eyes.

The Role of Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons of New Jersey

In summary, frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions can be difficult for the patient to pinpoint on their own. For this reason, individuals are advised to ensure the components that affect their eyes with the help of a reputable eye doctor. By visiting Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons of New Jersey, you will get more information on the factors and how to avoid them. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

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