New Year, New Eyesight

Being able to see clearly is almost essential for maintaining an active lifestyle. However, vision correction is often less than ideal for people with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Wearing glasses can be uncomfortable and expensive. Contact lenses are hard to put in your eyes, increase your chances of eye infection if not stored properly, and wear out quickly.

Fortunately, experts have come up with a great solution. LASIK is a medical procedure that can correct many types of vision defects permanently. Doctors who are trained in this procedure like our ophthalmologists at Eye Care of New Jersey can help you get a wonderful operation that will literally transform how you see the world.

Less Dependent on Glasses

Glasses and contact lenses can be useful. Glasses are easy to put on and keep on all day. At the same time, glasses can be quite heavy, cumbersome, and smudge easily. With LASIK, you won’t need another pair of glasses for many years, giving you the freedom and convenience a life with glasses simply can’t. No more fumbling for glasses in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

Simplify Your Life

One of the many advantages of LASIK is that it makes things so much simpler. The new year offers a chance to enjoy the rest of the year with clear, nearly perfect vision. There’s no need to feel frustrated anymore when you can’t find your glasses as soon as you wake up. You can enjoy playing sports and being active without worrying about special glasses or losing your contacts. That’s where LASIK surgery can help make your life and everything you love to do that much easier.

Less Costly

As many people with imperfect vision will discover over time, corrective lenses can become costly with time. Losing a contact or pair of glasses can be a several-hundred-dollar purchase, and the maintenance costs of buying cleaning cloths or contact solution can add up. Getting LASIK means no more need for such annual eye care expenses.

Fast and Easy

While the prospect of surgery on your eyes can feel quite daunting, there’s no need to worry. LASIK with Eye Care of New Jersey is safe, easy and incredibly effective. Many patients are delighted to discover that such surgery can be done quickly. They’re also pleased to discover that the recovery period is very easy.

In as little as two days, you’ll notice you can see without the need for glasses or contacts. You can expect to return to your work just a day after the procedure, although the eye will take a few months to truly heal.

Learn More About LASIK

There’s no better time than the new year to consider a new you. Ditch your glasses with a one-time, quick procedure that will give you as close to 20/20 vision as possible. Learn more about LASIK and whether it’s right for you during a consultation with our ophthalmologists at our office. Call or contact us online to get started.

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