Jan 02 2024

Maintaining your eye health and protecting your vision is essential all year round, but winter presents several threats and challenges exclusive to cold weather….

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Nov 17 2023

Eye irritation is a normal part of life. But failing to recognize and treat a problem that’s out of the ordinary could result in…

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Oct 03 2023

As you age, it is normal to experience vision changes. In some cases, these can be problems once you pass age 40. By this…

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Aug 22 2023

August is the height of summer, marking the start of school for kids across the region. Parents should also remember to check their children’s…

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Jul 19 2023

As techniques and technology change, along with practices that are constantly advancing, it’s difficult to understand the different kinds of available cataract surgery that…

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Jun 15 2023

Dr. Carl Hyder MD of Eye Care Physicians and Surgeons of New Jersey, is the FIRST doctor in the state to perform cataract laser…

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Mar 20 2023

Astigmatism is a common vision issue caused by irregularities in the shape of your eye’s cornea or lens. This causes blurred, distorted and doubled…

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Feb 02 2023

Blurry vision is a common concern we see in our office and although it may be harmless, it can also be a sign of…

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Dec 16 2022

Winter can be a beautiful time of year, with snowflakes falling from the sky and cozy fires warming up the house. But winter can…

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