New Technology

New technology can be great but there is no substitute for patient doctor communication. I pride myself on trying to know what is best suited for each patient and offering what is truly best for them. The main reason  patients find me after an unhappy experience with another practice is that other doctors don’t talk to their patients. This may sound silly but many doctors spend too much time looking at an eye and not the patient as a whole sitting in the chair. They do not get to know their patients. Ultimately patient care suffers and these doctors miss out on the best part of medicine, knowing their patients as people. In my practice I want patients to ask questions and hopefully after explaining what problems exist and what options exist, decisions are made that will provide the optimal outcome. This becomes more and more important as the number of alternatives increases. In future blogs I will go over each option including Crystalens, ReStor, ReZoom, Toric, and Lasik amongst others.

-Dr. Carl Hyder

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