I have been happy with the results of the Restor refractive diffractive lens. Alcon surgical has added a new add power to allow a more natural reading position. This is helpful particularly if you want to use a computer. This lens offers an alternative to traditional intraocular lens that only refract light for distance vision.
Restor gives distance vision through the same technique that glasses use, refraction or bending of light.
The up close vision is achieved by a second process known as diffraction when light is broken in small waves.
The strong point of restor is solid reading and distance vision. The potential downside is that patients may have difficulty reading if the light is not bright enough and some patients may experience some glare at night. This side effect has been lessened with Alcon addition of an aspheric design. Centration of this lens critical and surgeon.
Overall my patients have been very happy with the restor but a new challenger, Technis Multifocal has come onto the scene. More about this lens later.

-Dr. Carl Hyder

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