What is refractive laser surgery?

Until recently, the only treatment for a refractive condition has been corrective eye wear – glasses or contact lenses. In the last decade a new, high-tech treatment method called laser vision correction was developed. Laser vision correction, also known as refractive laser surgery, refers to several different techniques that use laser technology to re-shape the cornea. Common refractive procedures include PRK, LASIK, refractive lensectomy (clear lens replacement or CLR), INTACS, CK and AK.

Once the cornea has been returned to a normal or nearly normal shape, the person’s vision will also be normal or nearly normal. After laser vision correction, many individuals no longer need corrective eye wear.

Is refractive laser surgery safe?

Like any surgical procedure there is always an element of risk. However, sight threatening complications are rare. There are some minor, common side effects such as halos around lights at night, a star burst effect when looking at lights or fluctuations in vision quality, but these tend to disappear after a couple of weeks.

How do I know if laser surgery is right for me?

Every patient is different. There are several different vision correction techniques used to correct a variety of vision problems. You and Dr. Hyder should decide together which option is best for you.